Sterling Silver Hooped Dangle Earring
Sterling Silver Hooped Dangle Earring
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Sterling Silver Hooped Dangle Earring

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Silver Hooped Dangle Earrings

Sterling Silver Hooped Dangle Earring, with Sterling Silver Hoop Small Drop Earrings, 18 gauge ear wires and stamped .925

Sterling Silver Hooped Dangle Earrings have a total length of 4 inches. They come in pairs.

These Sterling Silver Hooped Dangle Earrings have a Contemporary-Chic design. The earring is designed with an open frame that features a hoop twist, and hoops dangles that are linked together.

Our Silver Hooped Dangle Earring will add a dash of sophistication to your favorite outfit. These vibrant Sterling Silver earrings will make the perfect gift for any occasion. Wear them when you are out with friends or even just around the house on a daily basis.

A sleek and classic design, these Sterling Silver Hooped Dangle Earrings have a contemporary feel. With their clean lines, they are perfect for any occasion.

Sterling Silver Hooped Earrings. Sterling silver hoop dangles from our sterling silver hoops. The dangles are white marbled fool’s gold and have a vintage style claw set openwork flower with an orange garnet.

Sterling Silver Earrings – Sterling silver hoop earring with dangle design.

• Four small hoops hang from one another to form these lil gem earrings.
• The Sterling Silver Hoopty Doo Dangle Earring are hand hewn and the ear wires hand formed as well.

• The larger hoops close to 1″ ish and the smaller are about a half inch so they hang about 3″ in length.

• The Sterling Silver Hoopty Doo Dangle Earrings are light and fun and super easy to wear but make an impact visually! wahoo!

• Matte finish for added interest.

• As pictured on the right earring, you can loops the smaller one over the earlier and wear it a bit shorter, so it is a 2 for 1, meaning you have a shorter interesting jingly earring and a longer one when preferred.


Our craftsmanship is 100% guaranteed. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase or need a different size, please let me know and I am happy to make exchanges or refunds.

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