Sterling Silver Rectangle Earrings
Sterling Silver Rectangle Earrings
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Sterling Silver Hoopty Doo Rectangle Earrings

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Sterling Silver Rectangle Earrings

These Sterling Silver Rectangle Earrings is light and airy but has big impact . The tiniest part of wire loops thru your piercing and allows the earring to hang beautifully and elegantly. Nice !

I can make these any size but this one pictured is 3″ long and 1″ wide.

You will love our Sterling Silver Earrings. This design gets the name from the rectangle shape with a big circular edge and little circular dangles hanging at opposite ends, very much like a hoopty doo!

Great Style

Our Rectangle Earrings are made to the highest quality standards. The Earrings will be delivered in a FREE gift box making it easy for you to surprise your special someone.

Silver Rectangle Earrings…sterling silver jewelry is known for being long lasting and beautiful, two things that you will love about our sterling silver earrings. Our finely crafted silver rectangle earrings are sold by the count, making it an affordable luxury item.

The Sterling Silver Earrings are made of stamped 925 sterling silver and measure 0.4 inches by 2 inches .

My Sterling Silver Hoopty Doo Rectangle Earrings are embedded with high quality cubic zirconia. The earrings come in a nice gift box. Great for matching with any outfit.

Sterling Silver Hoopty Doo Rectangle Earrings This fun hoops add a fashionsome flair to your wardrobe and are complemented with Sterling Silver ear wires. Carefully crafted, these engaging hoop earrings bring eye catching appeal to your outfit.

Earring Size

Your sleek earrings are made from high quality sterling silver plated brass. They are approximately 4mm wide and 3mm apart from each other. These sterling silver rectangle earrings will be shipped in a FREE gift box making it easy for you to surprise your special someone.

Eye-catching earrings are the ultimate accessory. With these Silver Earrings you’ll create a bold look that will make a big impression wherever you go. These items have been crafted from 925 Sterling Silver, and finished with Rhodium to prevent tarnish.

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