Sterling Silver Drop Necklace

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Sterling Silver Drop Necklace

These smaller sterling silver droplets (or i can make them in gold, inquire about/ pricing) developed from a mistake. Best stuff comes from flubs. Drops range from the dime size and graduating smaller. There are often left over drops of metal from pouring molten metal into ingots for drawing wire.

I flatten these out and put a ring on them and what a fun surprise of a pendant. This necklace has 5 of them on tiny leather cord with a clasp. The price is for this one necklace with 5 droplets.

They look great any number of ways and we can work together and create just the look you want: single on adjustable leather cord; 3 on tiny cord with clasp; dozens on long long leather cord with no clasp, just let them fall where they may around your neck… please don’t hesitate to inquire about pricing/modifications.

Can also stamp initials or phrases or names or numbers or birthday anniversary etc etc Will come as pictured on leather unless you specify cotton cord.