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Reclaimed Silver Ring with Worry Bead

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Reclaimed Silver Ring with Worry Bead

This is a combination of one of my hand forged signature rings and a worry bead. The worry bead is created from reclaimed silver. I melt it into this dollop shape. It is round on the top and somewhat flat on the bottom side. The bottom side can vary depending on the flame temperature, the moment & how quickly I pull the flame away from the crucible. I think the underside of this one looks like craters on the moon. If you prefer that look, it could be the top side, right ? I call it a worry bead because it offers some measure of comfort if you roll the thing between your thumb and forefinger, it just feels good.

The ring is also from reclaimed metal, melted to refine it then poured into an ingot and drawn into wire.

That wire is soldered into a small circle, then pounded out blow by blow to make a circle.

The two items are made one pendant by a knot in the leather cord.

The leather cord is adjustable with 2 slip knots so it can be any length. I use about 30″ of cord so it can hang as a 28″ necklace would or you can adjust it to be shorter.

This one pictured is 1.25 ” size and it pretty hardy. It is the mid weight, can do one lighter or one heavier.

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