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I hope this primitive handcrafted jewelry will inspire and enliven you. Working with metal certainly is awakening to me. My hand forged necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets are asymmetrical juxtapositions of color and shape.

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Silver Cuff with Leather Trim

my jewelry is

  • an unorthodox combination
    of careful planning and
    utter whimsy
  • engineering and inspiration
  • old and new
  • vintage and modern
  • eclectic
  • art
  • soulful
  • playful


natural stones, precious metals, vintage collectibles reclaimed metals and repurposed items

Barbed Wire Bracelets

Twisted barbed wire & plain twist bracelets. Sterling silver with 14k gold barb tip.

  • Especially eclectic
  • handhewn chain & clasps
  • hand wrought bracelets
  • with sense of soul
  • raw primitive authentic
  • soulful playful whimsical

Jewelry is imperfect, like life

Barbed wire with gold tips
Plain twist

See what you like but not exactly? I am pleased to customize anything for you. Contact me.